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Register and add your classified item(s) here. This service is FREE OF CHARGE and limited to selling or trading items related to the Statue of Liberty. All postings will be reviewed and approved within 24 hours. Please add your item into one of the 5 appropriate categories. Maximum viewable image size is 300 tall x 190 wide with a limit of 2 pictures per ad not to exceed 800kb each in size.

The SLC moderators reserve the right to modify or reject any ad or image. All ads are limited to a 90 day duration. Feel free to resubmit after expiration.

Adding your item to this site releases the SLC officers and its members from any and all problems from using this advertisement site including but not limited to non-payment, partial payment, shipping issues, and misrepresentation of products. Use this Marketplace at your own risk.  Do not include personal contact information in the body of your advertisement or anything that will identify you unless you want a bazillion people/search engines to see it. Use the appropriate section to include your email address and phone number. Your email address will become your user ID. Invoice your buyer to pay through PayPal ONLY. Don’t use Western Union. Only ship to the verified PayPal account address or wait for it to be corrected.

If you are not comfortable with online transactions, please seek help from a qualified person before placing your ad.

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