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Do you collect Statue of Liberty:

Medals? Stamps? Postcards? Lamps? T-Shirts? Books? Reverse glass? Photos? Old? Odd?

If so you are not alone, my friend!

There’s no way to catalog everything that is shaped like her or has her on it. Since the Centennial Restoration in 1984-1986, a gazillion items were produced!

If you are interested in learning about some very early Statue of Liberty statuettes, read about the American Committee Models produced to raise money to fund the construction of the pedestal or how about the super rare statues produced by Avoiron in Paris.

Even if you are not a collector, but just like the history of the Statue of Liberty, you are in the right place. Hang out with us and we’ll help you get hooked on something statue related.

Thanks for checking us out,

Vince, Brian, and Lebo