Limited Edition Medallions


Photograph by David Ulmer

Recently discovered medallions are now available!

After 18 years, several limited edition medallions were found buried deep in the Club’s vault. The editions were thought to have been sold out some time ago.

Designed after the 3D model and bas relief of Bartholdi sculpting Lady Liberty done by Don F. Wiegand. The sculptor was commissioned to produce commemorative medallions for the Statue of Liberty Club in 2004.

These medallions were used to commemorate the Club’s visit in 2004 to Colmar France, birthplace and museum of F.A. Bartholdi. A few were given to select Club member’s for their service. Museum Proof versions were hung on a blue, white, and red ribbon, and handsomely encased in a presentation holder. Artist Proof medallions were made available to the Wiegand Foundation to be awarded by Don Wiegand to select foundation donors.

Each medallion was struck multiple times by a hand-sculpt die to create the desired depth in bronze by the Medallic Art Company in Dayton Nevada under view and inspection by the Club President and Club Vice President.

Medallions were produced with a few reverse variations, “Statue of Liberty Club” and “Commemorating the/September 2004/visit to France by/The Statue of Liberty Club/To Honor/the 100th Anniversary/of the Death of/August Bartholdi”. (link to individual reverse images are mint’s art work)

Matching Bartholdi Medallions with Club & Visit Reverse boxed $149.99 pr. free ship USA
Individual Bartholdi Medallions with Club or Visit Reverse boxed $94.99 ea. free ship USA
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Minting Details
Diameter: 2-1/2 inches (6.35cm)
Thickness: 13/64 (5.18mm)
Weight: 5.45 oz (154g)
Numbering: on edge
001 to 100 – Bartholdi Medallions with “Club” Reverse
001/100 to 100/100 – Bartholdi Medallions with “visit” Reverse
AP01 to AP40 – Artist Proof medallions
MP1 to MP10 – Museum Proof medallions
Boxed: 3-1/2 x 3-1/2x 1/2 inches individual cardboard box.

Distribution Details
Artist Proofs, edge marked AP01 to AP40, were donated to the Wiegand Foundation.
Museum Proofs, edge marked MP1 to MP10, were awarded by the Club to French or US dignitaries with an association to Musee Bartholdi or the Statue of Liberty National Monument.

Bartholdi sculpting Liberty – Common Obverse

Club Name on Reverse

Travel Details on Reverse

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*The medallions were privately financed and not paid for with Club monies.
** Medallion images provided by David Ulmer, Wiegand Studios, Wiegand Foundation, Don Wiegand, or Medallic Art Company.